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Asset Protection Unit

Take It With You Or Attach Tracking Solutions


               Our APU system is a compact self contained recharable battery GPS tracking device. This unit is so small, you can even use this unit for personel whereabouts or personal protection. The program can be used for tracking and recovery of not only vehicles, but valuable items such as expensive portable diagnostic equipment and even dealer transporter plates.


The APU System utilizes both GPRS Cellular and GPS Satellite service for pinpoint location data. When in motion, the APU System automatically updates its location every 2 minutes and stores the location information in the History portion of the web site. With Full Nationwide Coverage our Asset Protection Unit truly offers an All-In-One Safety & Security protection plan to ensure proper recovery of your asset. With the APU System, you are able to take advantage of access to Real-Time GPS Tracking ad Historical Reporting from any computer or mobile device using our Custom Software with Google Earth. Also available for download is the mobile app for the iPhone, iPad and Android.

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Top Stop


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4 Hour 

Heart Beats

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Starter Intercept

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Low Battery



Zone Alert

Stop/Inactivity Alert




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