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Here you will find the units currently being used. Creat Actions,  Alerts and more...



•Locate Asset On Demand

•View Device's Last Known Location

•Set-up Alerts & Reports

•Setting/Device Information

GeoFence Alerts 

This Great feature gives you the ability to set up 3 safety boundaries. When the device crosses these boundaries coming or going you will be notified via SMS text message and/or by email.

Locate Device On Demand 

Locating an Device On-Demand is Simple & Easy...

By having an Asset Protection Unit, you will have the upper hand advantage to see the device's surroundings when locating the device on demand. Strategically plan the best route to safely & securely recover your device when using our custom software with Google Earth Maps, Aerial, or Street Views. 

5 min Tracking 

Our New 5min Real-Time Tracking feature give you the abilityh to stay up to date on the device's exact location, speed, and direction every 5 minutes while the device is moving.


Speed Alerts  

Know when the device is moving and at what speed. This alert will notify you by email and/or SMS text message when the device breaks a predtermined speed threshold. This is a valuable tool to make sure your personel is not abusing vehicles or potenially exposing the company to liablity!

Off Hour Alerts

Setu up any Day or hour when you want to be notified if an asset is being used without your autorization.This alert will notify you be email and/or SMS text message when the device has moved after a predetermined off hour time.


Maintance Alert

This Alert is great health tool that notifies you by email and/or SMS test message when routine maintance is needed on the asset. You can set alerts to be based on date or use time.

Low Battery Alerts 

Keep Informed when your APU self contained battery source is runing low.

Know when APU unit is properly maintained with reports showing when charging begain and ended. This alert is a great safety tool that notifies you by email and/or SMS text message.

Stop Reporting Alert


The Not Reporting Alert is a proactive feature, which gives the user the ability to know what assets have not reported in the last 24 hours to 30 days.


By knowing what asset's have not reported in the last 24 hours to 30 days will give you the advantage of knowing that either the Asset Protection Unit is not properly functioning or that it has been tampered with. This is a great safety feature to ensure your device is protected from head to toe and that is working properly. 

Quick Button


Have the ability to generate the asset History Report in Excel for your records and /or the option for ready-to-print...


The History section allows to either choose by start and end date or by choosing "A Quick Button" (yesterday,Last 7 days, 30 days, or 60 days) and receive detailed reporting on the device.