• You can set up an unlimited amount of landmarks

  • Click on the MAPS Tab

  • On the the right click on Landmarks

  • Click Create Landmarks

  • Stage 1 - Fill in Landmark  title with Address,Town,State,Zip

  • Click Search

  • A map of the entered area will refresh on the screen

  • Go To Stage 2, Set Feet, Then Click the map on the area entered in the address to create a Green Circle designating the the Landmark. 

  • Before saving Landmark, you can increase or decrease footage to encompass the desired area of the landmark. 

  • Stage 3 - Save Landmark

  • Naming Landmarks makes it easy to recognized locations on reports. 

  • Arrivals and departures from designated Landmarks will now be noted on Landmark and all other reports 

  • This is a great feature for delivery routes noting customers along the way. Or just for recognizing stops along the way.

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