Auto Knight Motor Club



Auto Knight Motor Club is a 24 hour roadside emergency company. We are staffed with professional dispatchers and ready to help you every day of the year anytime, anywhere. As long as you are an Auto Knight member, all of your Auto Knight’s services are covered free of charge



This downloadable print out will help you sign up for call center protection. When your safety is on the line, you want Auto Knight Motor Club on the line with you. The Auto Knight call center is available to members 24-Hours 7 days a week for Stolen Vehicle Recovery. When you’re at home or on the road and your vehicle is stolen, Auto Knight dispatchers will help notify the police that your vehicle is stolen.



The Auto Knight Service Package includes flat tire service, out of gas, jump starting, towing, fuel delivery, and more



The Auto Knight Service Package for motorcyclists includes flat tire, dead battery, extended towing, fuel delivery, and more



The complete guide to all of the benefits and services of Auto Knight Motor Club, Inc can be download here. Review the program and learn how your customers are protected by emergency services, call centers, dispatch services and more