Stolen Vehicle Recovery Assistance Hotline

Working Together For You


What To Do If Your Vehicle Is Stolen


1. Immediately call the SVR Call Center

                     2. The call center will activate your system, locate it,

                  and then notify the police as to its location for recovery.


Have Ready:
Personal Information
     Car Vehicle Information
 Answer to Security Question
    Information on the theft


How The System Works


The Stolen Vehicle Recovery System that you purchased uses Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) tracking technology which is the most advanced technology available. If you have the unfortunate experience of vehicle theft you’ll need to report the theft to our call center and the police.The SVR call center will activate the GPS SVR System that is installed in your vehicle. Once activated, this starts the process to pinpoint your vehicles location. They will then contact your local police department and let them know where the vehicle has been located and give them the vehicle information and location for recovery.