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Select the "+" button to create a recipient


Recipients are the people who receive notifications from the system.  You can specify which group you want to receive alerts for and also what type of alert you wish to receive.

Optionally you can specify a time period during which the recipient will be eligible to receive alerts.  With this feature, you can prevent recipients from receiving events late at night (possible interrupting their sleep!)

Recipients are also the people who can be assigned with "Vehicle Recovery" duties.  Please see the "Recovery" help for more details.

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There are alerts generated and recorded, triggered by exception events. For instance, if a low battery voltage is detected, it will be recorded and potentially notified (if you have enabled notification).

You can view all alerts or specify a specific vehicle and time period.

All alerts can be viewed on the map to see where they occurred.  The labels on the map can be clicked and more information will popup.

Low Battery

Low Battery alerts can be specified for a group of vehicles.  

If any vehicle in the group goes below the specified voltage for a 10-hour period then an alert will be sent to all eligible recipients.

If a vehicle continues in a low battery state then the alert will be resent every 10 hours.

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Maintenance Alerts are used to give alerts when a vehicle travels a certain distance.

These alerts can be used to signal the need for oil changes or other vehicle maintenance.

When an alert is created an interval is specified.  Everytime the vehicle travels the distance specified in the interval an alert is created.

The grid showing the alerts also shows the distance till the next alert for each vehicle.

If an alert is no longer desired than it should be simply deleted.

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Displays Zone (Geofence) Alerts from all vehicles or some groups of your vehicles (as required and selected).

Zones can be specified as polygons on the map of arbitrary size.  Icons (including custom upload images) can be used to identify a zone on the map.  

A validity period can also be specified to provide time windows when the zone is valid.  Such as, only send alerts when the vehicle exits a zone during weekday nights.  A zone must be given a time zone if the validity period is specified.

Additionally, zones can be used to assign unique addresses to a certain location by selecting the "Address" checkbox.  In this case, the zone name will be used as the address.

Note: creating and editing Zones is only available from desktop and laptop PC's, and on some of the larger tablet computers. Creating and editing of Zones is not available on smartphones or smaller sized tablet computers.

Creating a Zone(Remember - you will need to have a recipient for the zone alert)

Select "Zone Alerts" from the left feature column on the dashboard

Select the "+" button to add a new zone to your list of zones

A pop-up screen will appear that will allow you to name the zone (on the left) and create your zone on the Map (to the right)

Once you have named the zone and provided other info on the left enter a specific address or city, state and select "center on the map" button

Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 9.17.24 AM.png

The map will automatically center on the location you are looking for so that you can begin to create the zone

Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 9.18.28 AM.png

Start by clicking on the map. A red balloon marker will appear with each click and automatically join with the previous balloon. You can make any shape with any number of makers. The size and shape of the zone can be adjusted by selecting and moving any of the makers individually. 

Note: Remember you can zoom in and out just like google maps

Save changes when you have finished creating your zone and named it.

Note: For zone alerts to be effective you will need to add / or edit a recipient and check the box for them to receive this alert. You can also assign a zone to specific GROUP. Use Groups to manage access to vehicles and alerts more effectively (see group help under groups)

Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 9.20.16 AM.png


Inputs are reserved for special applications and do not affect GPS tracking operation. For additional information email

Inactivity Alert

When "Inactivity Alert" is selected for a recipient that recipient will receive an alert if a vehicle is stopped longer than the number of days set for inactivity.


When the initial installation is complete, recipients who have selected "installation alert" will receive an email notification that the device has been installed

Impound Lot

When a vehicle has been impounded and placed at a recognized "Impound Lot", the recipients for "impound Lot" will receive an email notification alert and address for this location.

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Power Disconnect

For SVR devices that have a back up battery. When power from the car battery is disconnected the device will continue to operate using the battery installed in the device. When this happens the recipients for "power disconnect" alert will receive an email notification that the power has been disconnected. The device will continue to operate for up to 1 day depending on the vehicles movement.

Training Video for Alerts and Recipients

Country Exit

When a vehicle leaves the country an email notification is sent to the recipients for "Country Exit" alert.

Training Video for Alerts and Recipients

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