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Recover Vehicles

The Recovery page shows a list of all current Recoveries. Using the Recipients pull-down menu, the Recoveries can be filtered by Recipient.

Click the "+" (New) button to create a new Recovery action. In the pop-up box, select a Recipient to receive Recovery information, and the Vehicle to be recovered.

Note: You will first need to add your recipients. This will be a person or list of people that need to receive notifications from the system. eg) your tow truck driver may be on your list to receive recovery notification emails.


If needed, new Recipients can be created by selecting "Recipients" on the left side menu.

When a new Recovery is created, the Recipient will receive an email informing of the Recovery and containing a link that shows a Recovery Map.

The Recovery Map shows the current location, locations where the vehicle has been, and where it has stopped for the past 3 days. The current location and stop locations can be clicked to provide additional information.

As long as the Recovery is current, the Recovery Map link will be active and the most recent 3 days of locations and stops will be shown.

To change the status of the Recovery, edit the Recovery and change the status using the Status pull-down menu.

Once the status is changed to Recovered, the Recovery Map link emailed to the recipient will no longer be active.

Note: The recovery will stay active for 1 week (In Progress) after that the status will change to "timed out"

Locations: You can also get specific locations and additional maps for the day you are searching and for the life of the device back to initial install. Select the Locations pin next to the map Icon and a new page will appear. Choose the date range from the Calendar drop-down (From...To). Select "Go" to get a list of all locations every two minutes for the dates selected.

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