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Video Tutorials 

DashboardVideo Training Link your homepage that contains a list of your vehicles and has interactive graphs of vehicle status.

Top StopsVideo Training Link shows the top locations where each vehicle has been parked.

HeartbeatsVideo Training Link shows the history of the 4-hour Heartbeats from the devices.

RecoveryVideo Training Link allows you to put devices in Recovery mode and share the information with Recipients.

BuzzerVideo Training Link payment reminder.

SIDVideo Training Link starter Interrupt device.

AlertsVideo Training Link slides open the "Alerts" feature column showing recipients and all possible alerts and alert history.

  • Recipients

  • Alert History

  • Low Battery

  • Maintenance

  • Zone Alerts

  • Inputs

  • Installation

  • Impound Lot

  • Power Connect / Disconnect

  • Country Exit

GroupsVideo Training Link create groups to help manage vehicles by the user, zones and alerts.

UsersVideo Training Link add new users to your account.

User History: track all user account activity.​

Merchandising Video
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