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Welcome to DealerTrackIt Mobile App

Thank you for your interest in the mobile application. You can now enjoy all the features of a desktop on your mobile phone. We know how important it is to be able to effectively work and maintain a lifestyle on the go. Easily access the Drivers Behavior, History, and Reports. This is a perfect feature for anyone who would like to keep track of any individual driving habits, for purposes such as:

  • Speeding Alerts

  • Ignition On/Off Reporting

  • Off Hour Alerts

  • Landmark Reporting

  • Locate On Demand

  • Vehicle Maintenance Reminders

  • 2 minute Bread Crumb Trails


  1. Navigate to your Android web browser and open link above. Locate the icon that looks like a globe and tap on it to open.

  2. Go to your website of choice. Enter the name of the website in the text bar and press "Enter" or "Go."

  3. Tap on the Create Bookmark icon. This is the star outline icon to the right of the URL bar. An info box should appear asking you to name the bookmark and where you want it saved.

  4. Tap on the drop-down menu. It can be found on the "Add To" choice.

  5. Tap "Home Screen." You should now see your new bookmark on your home screen.


  1. Open link above and tap the share icon.

  2. Tap on 'Add to home screen'.

  3. Change the shortcut name. Edit the shortcut name to something you'll find easy to remember and tap on the 'Add' button.

  4. See the shortcut appear. You'll then see a shortcut appear on your iPhone's home screen. Just tap on this icon at any time to open your saved page on our mobile friendly website.

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