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The Starter Interrupt function is available only when it has been correctly installed in vehicle along with the installation of the tracking device. A wiring diagram for the wiring of the Starter Interrupt Relay and a training video is available by clicking the links at the bottom of this dialog box.

Installation of the Starter Interrupt Device should be performed by a qualified installer, as a sub-standard installation may result in inadvertent interruption of the starter circuit. Operation of the Starter Interrupt Device should always be tested as soon it is installed to confirm that it has been wired correctly and functions as expected.

If the relay and tracker have been installed, they can be tested using the page linked to "SID". On this page, all devices are listed along with Status and action buttons to "Disable" or "Enable". If the Disable Icon (key in circle with slash) is pressed, a message is sent to the device telling it to interrupt the starter. this message may take a few minutes to reach the device. If the vehicle is parked where there is no signal, the message will not reach the device and the starter will not be disabled.

Once the device receives the command to disable the starter, it will reply to the system and acknowledge receipt of the command. Then the status will change to "Disabled" and the Starter Interrupt Device will activate to prevent the vehicle from being started. Similarly, if a vehicle is in "Disabled" status and an Enable command (key in circle icon) is generated, the command is sent to the device. Upon receipt, the device will respond to the system and the status will change to "Enabled".

If no SID Relay has been installed, the messaging functions will still work. The status will change to "Disabled" upon command, but there will be no Starter Interrupt device in place to actually Interrupt the Starter.

In the event that a vehicle with its starter Disabled loses cellular coverage, the starter will be Enabled, temporarily, while out of cellular coverage to avoid the situation of vehicles that can't be reached in order to enable the starter when needed. This can happen in areas where cellular coverage is weak, or if the vehicle moves or is towed into a poor cellular signal area. Once a vehicle enters an area with cellular coverage the starter will revert to its last status. While out of cellular coverage, the status of the SID on the platform is not updated since devices do not have a connection to the network.

Video Training Link

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