is everywhere your are!

With no special software required 

DealerTrackIt is everywhere your are!

Just log on with any web-browser, smartphone or ipad and get instant access to vehicles locations, speeds, directions, and current status. Explore further, and you will find a wealth of administrative reports and information to streamline your operations-all at your fingertips, 24/7. Now is the time to put technology to work for you!


As an Auto Dealer


DealerTrackIt lowers your liability from the actions of your employees, you can access potential money saving information that can overall benefit your business.


As an End User


DealerTrackIt will be able to document the driving behavior of loved ones, possibly addressing an issue before it happens, thereby lowering your potential personal liability.






Step One- Simply click the "history" tab

Step Two- Choose Vehicle from drop down menu

Step Three- Select The Type Of Report You Wish                         To Run From The Drop Down Menu

Step Four- Choose Date Range or Use The "QuickDay" Button

Step Five- Click on "Generate" and your report will appear. Once generated you can Print or export to an Excel Sheet

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