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Cut Costs by $1000s & Generate 100% ROI within Weeks.


For any operation that involves vehicles, costs multiply according to fleet size and usage hours. For that reason alone, optimizing fuel economy, qualifying for lower insurance rates, keeping maintenance on track, and avoiding traffic tickets & accidents create the kind of savings that can dramatically impact profits, often by thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

Save More, Spend Less, Maintain a Healthy Business.


Our Fleet Software offers a wide range of features, which helps industries worldwide in decreasing overhead, increasing earned revenue, saving on taxes, and qualifying for insurance discounts. No matter your fleet type, size, or vehicle’s there are many ways you can save thousands of dollars off of fuel costs alone via our route optimization, driving alerts, and idle time reports.

Many heavy equipment operations can save with PTO monitoring, and by using theft protection technology like Geo-Fence exit alerts, Off-hour alerts, and 24/7 real-time tracking. Also, with our various types reports you have the ability to stay compliant with electronic logs for miles driven, location arrival and departure times, plus much more…

A Built-In Value That Delivers Lasting Returns...
  • Route Optimization–Improves Fuel Economy & Scheduling Efficiency.

  • Safe Driving Alerts–Help Prevent Tickets, Lower Accident Rates and Prolong Vehicle Life..

  • Idle Time Reports–Log Actionable Data to Further Help Lower Fuel Usage.

  • After Hours Usage Reports–Discourage Misuse of Vehicles.

  • GeoFence Settings–Deter Theft, Increase Recovery and Lower Insurance Rates.

  • Time-Sheet Verification–Saves Time and Helps Validate Payroll Hours.

  • Vehicle Maintenance Alerts–Help Avoid Costly Repairs and Prolong the Vehicle’s Life.

  • IFTA Compliant State Miles Reports–Electronic Logs Validate Records and Save Time.

  • Tax Savings–A Purchase of GPS Tracking Hardware may Qualify as a Federal Section 179 Tax Deduction.

  • Insurance Savings–Many Insurance Carriers offer Policy Discounts for Vehicles that have an Installed GPS Tracking Device download here.

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