Reduce Costs of GPS Tracking Equipment with the Small Business Jobs & Credit Act

This renewal of the enhanced Section 179 tax deduction may lower your cost of acquiring GPS tracking units for your vehicles and equipment through increased expense limits on equipment purchases of $500,000. These benefits are good only for qualifying purchases made in 2015. To see potential savings by ordering no later than December 30, 2015. Strategically purchasing GPS units for your business this year could significantly reduce your cost of ownership, in addition to improving your business performance and operations. Please read below for details on how your business could benefit.

Section 179 Increase

The Section 179 limit for 1st year expense in 2015 is now $500,000. This can be applied to both new and used equipment. What this could mean for your business: Instead of depreciating a newly acquired asset over several years, the Section 179 expense allows a business to take a current year deduction of the full purchase amount up to $500,000 for assets under $2 Million. This benefit begins to decline after total new asset acquisition tops $2 million. Over $2 million, the amount you can deduct decreases by $1 for every dollar spent above $2 million.

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