Performance Of The Cloud

Dispatch Drivers Routes
DealerTrackIt's Fleet's Software helps create Safety, Security, and Peace of Mind across fleet industries worldwide... Enjoy the ability to dispatch drivers to preset addresses, landmarks, or even other units.

Dispatch Drivers: Send your drivers to an address, landmark, or another unit.

Nearest to Location: Optimize field time by directing the closest drivers to new job sites.

Improve Operations With Mobile Access
For Dispatchers And Drivers
DealerTrackIt's fleet's management solutions travel with managers via smartphone and tablet providing full access to alerts, reports and tools.
Mobile Web Enabled: Track any vehicle on any mobile device anywhere! Data Storage with 24/7 Retrieval
Data storage is in the cloud: Data storage is in the cloud. Enjoy secure access via any desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone  anytime, anywhere
View Fleet Activity In Real-time On Maps
DealerTrackIt simple Maps interface allows fleet managers and dispatchers to see their driver's activity in real-time, and direct operations with ease. Whether viewing all drivers for dispatching, or zooming in to assist a specific driver, it is easy to locate and manage drivers in the field.
Easy Viewing: Quickly see your entire fleet with a birds eye view while tracking their movement activity with Googls Maps or Satellite View .
Zone Alerts: Recieve notifications when drivers arrive, leave, or are close to a job site.
Faster Response: Use driver dispatching and nearest vehicle to improve service, and reduce down time.
Know when Drivers Start, Stop, Arrive, and more with Real-Time Alerts
Whether by text, email, or web, alerts can be sent for multiple activity types. Receive notifications when drivers leave for work, arrive at job sites, or use vehicles off hours. Set up event notifications like PTO, speeding, idling, or when vehicles are powered off.
Manage Workers: Know when drivers arrive/depart from job sites to better direct activity.
Monitor Behavior: Be warned if drivers speed, idle, or use vehicles for personal use.
Protect Assets: Receive instant notifications if equipment is removed illegally.
Manage Teams Efficiently using Driver Analytics and Reports
Nimbo Fleet provides real-time reporting in order help fleet manager create a safer and more secure environment for their driver's, vehicle's, and customers. Easily create reports to view driver behavior for an individual, a group, or an entire fleet.
​•Detailed Reports: View data from any time period on vehicle history, idling, events, and more.
​•Track Behavior: View fuel use, equipment hours, speeding, and time sheets.
​•Simple Summaries: See the bigger picture of things with easy to read reports that can be exported with the click of a button to a .pdf or .csv file.
Run a Smarter Fleet with Maintenance Reminders and Reports
An efficient fleet is a productive fleet. That's why DealerTrackIt's Fleet's Vehicle Management and Maintenance features help managers stay on top of a fleet’s efficiency with easy to set maintenance reminders for items such as oil changes, parts replacement, or anything else required for maintenance based off time, miles or even engine hours.
​•Maintain Vehicles: Set reminders for all maintenance items, and receive notifications by text and/or email.
​•Flexible Reminders: Set alerts to be triggered by times, miles, or engine hours.
Track Engine Hours: Monitor equipment’s run time to plan ahead for routine maintenance and repairs.