Stolen Vehicle Recovery 
Stolen Vehicle Recovery
Roadside Assistance
Concierge Services
& Much More.....

Americas Most Wanted SVR System.

The Exclusive SVR PLATINUM System

The SVR PLATINUM System offers 24/7/365 Security & Protection. Imagine being able to ensure around the clock Safety & Security for You, Your Loved One’s, and Assets. Wherever, Whenever You Need It… With Exclusive Features and Services available, we have been able to create an Unparalleled Stolen Vehicle Recovery + Family Safety, Asset Protection System. Standard Stolen Vehicle Recovery system generally ONLY just do what they say, “Stolen Vehicle Recovery.” Where as our unique system offers a Fully “LIVE” Operating System to the end user and offers 24/7/365 Roadside Assistance and Concierge Trip Services.

The SVR PLATINUM is a Real-Time GPS Tracking System with Detailed Alerts & Reports

24/7 Dedicated

Call Center

Low Battery Alerts

Speed Alerts

Ignition On/Off Alerts

Off Hour Alerts


Boundary Alerts



Tow Potential

Theft Alerts

5min Real Time


The SVR PLATINUM also includes Roadside Assistance & Concierge Services

Roadside Assistance Protection Plan


•Flat Tire Assistance–Have a service professional change your flat.

•Fuel Delivery–Out of Gas? Have 3 gallons of gas delivered to your location.
•Dead Battery–Have your vehicles battery jump started.
•Towing–Have your car towed to a qualified professional mechanic.
•Lock-out–Up to $100 for a Locksmith to unlock your vehicle & retrieve your keys.
•24-Hour Emergency Assistance–Send a message home to your loved one’s during  bad weather, or when your car is disabled.

Concierge Trip Planning Services


Are you planning a vacation or business trip in the U.S. or Canada, which involves driving and would like some help planning the best route to take? The Concierge Trip Services Plan will provide you and your loved ones a personal travel agent ensuring every trip is a carefree and economical one. There is no additional cost for this valuable service.


You will receive a Trip Routing Kit, which includes:

  • Mileage from start to destination & est. driving times for each leg of your trip

  • Custom driving times estimated to your personal travel plan

  • Custom Easy-to-follow trip routing with directions

  • Information about toll-roads and detours

  • United States road map

  • Trip expense records

Insurance Discount Savings


A benefit of owning one of our Stolen Vehicle Recovery Systems is that you may qualify for car insurance discounts. Depending on your provider, our clients save an average of between 10% – 30% on their car insurance premiums. Please speak with your insurance agent about receiving discounts. Click here to download and fill out the Insurance Discount Form.